Mamarapha College
Mamarapha College
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders
for Aboriginals & Torres Strait Islanders

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Mamarapha College
is a tertiary level Bible college that aims to help Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women to grow and develop in all dimensions of life -- mind, body, spirit and feelings. This involves enhancing knowledge, attitudes and relationships with God, with family and with others, while gaining skills in Bible study, service, leadership, people skills, self-control, time management, personal finances, music and computers.

"Mamarapha" is a combination of two words - "Mama" is the word for God in the language of the western desert people and "Rapha" is a ancient Hebrew word, meaning "to make whole". Therefore Mamarapha means ‘God makes whole'. Here, students find a centre where they can learn and heal and grow closer to God in a culturally sensitive way. And God has made many students whole again as they come and learn at Mamarapha College.


Bindoon & Mamarapha 31.5.14 Returning Students visit Bindoon Church
Bindoon to Saibai Torres Strait Island Connection - Carmel & Millicent

Sabbath Time


Place: Karragullen, WA

Start: 05:52 PM, 22 Aug 2014

End: 05:53 PM, 23 Aug 2014

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