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Golden Rule

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Year 1 Subjects


Below is a brief description of year 1 units. Certificate 3 courses require 15-16 units. Contact the college for more information on particular courses.  

B1BOA5 Explore Bible Origins and Application  Introducing students to the Bible and establishing skills and practise in personal prayer and Bible study.
B1PCL5 Examine Principles of Christian Living  Studying the teachings Jesus gave His followers in Matthew chapters 5-7.
B1FOF5 Examine Foundations of Faith  Studying basic Bible teachings that relate to everyday life, as Seventh-day Adventists understand them, with an emphasis on coming to Jesus and following Him daily.
B1SLS5 Examine Spiritual Life & Salvation  Studying the Bible teachings on sin, law, grace, Christ’s provision, and our part in redemption, with a primary aim of gaining a deeper personal appreciation and experience of salvation.
B1ELC5 Describe the Early Life of Christ  Studying the birth and early life of Jesus as recorded in the four Gospels, and examining their meaning for indigenous Christians today.
B1BAM5 Explore the Bible from Adam to Moses  Studying the stories in Genesis and Exodus to gain insight into the Biblical account of origins, to discover a picture of God through the stories and to explore the way God relates to human problems today.
BH1EBB5 Explore Bible Backgrounds  Developing skillls in home study through  Biblical stories and backgrounds.

M1CIC5 Explore Christian Identity & Culture  Introduces some basic principles of understanding ourselves, getting along with people, communication issues and Christian approaches to culture.
M1CSP5  Communicate & Speak in Public  Studying the basics of leadership and membership in a local Christian Church and developing skills to prepare and give a short worship talk for a group of people.
M1VDM5 Apply Voice Development in Music  Developing confidence to speak and sing before a group of people and examining singing and music for worship and for personal use.
MH1SHG5 Support a Home Church Group  Studying the support of a home church group,  and introducing students to some form of ministry in which they can participate in their own community.

L1HFR5 Explore Home & Family Relationships  Studying the principles of true love and Christian relationships, looking at ways to develop skills and attitudes that can contribute to happy and successful relationships, especially in the home.
L1CLS5 Understand Christian Life Skills  Studying Biblical principles relating to obligations, finances and time, and exploring strategies and motivation for adopting needed changes in lifestyle and accountability.
L1BAC5 Explore Boundaries and Conflict   Studying the concept of boundaries, addictions, and managing conflicts
L1RWC5 Read, Write & Operate a Computer  This unit aims to give students a basic knowledge of operating a computer and to enhance their reading, writing and study skills.
LH1FHP5 Examine Family & Health Principles  Studying family and health principles given in scripture and other Christian writings

H1BHP5 Explore Bible Health Principles  This unit explores Biblical health principles, Adventist health beliefs & lifestyle, natural remedies, and the promotion of health and well-being for individuals and communities.
H1HBW5 Explore How the Body Works   Studying the major body systems and their connection with health practices
H1PEA5 Participate in Exercise Activities   Participating in a regular exercise program.
H1HFS5 Handle Food Safely   Studying safe food handling, storage and hygiene.

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