The college offers the following courses:

52907WA - Certificate III in Indigenous Ministry and Lifestyle Health Promotion

52906WA - Certificate IV in Indigenous Ministry and Lifestyle Promotion

52905WA - Diploma of Indigenous Ministry and Lifestyle Health Promotion

52908WA - Advanced Diploma of Indigenous Ministry and Lifestyle Health Promotion 

52909WA - Advanced Diploma of Indigenous Pastoral Ministry 

The Advanced Diploma of Indigenous Pastoral Ministry aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed for full-time pastoral ministry among indigenous Australians.

The Indigenous Studies courses incorporate subjects in Bible, ministry, lifestyle, and health, with two streams of study. The ministry stream is designed to promote spiritual growth, enhance biblical knowledge, encourage personal development, and give ministry skills in a lay capacity. The health promotion stream is designed to give skills in promoting lifestyle change, addressing underlying emotional and spiritual issues, and working with various agencies to encourage lifestyle health changes.


Biblical studies covers basic Bible teachings, devotional studies, the writings of both the Old and New Testament, the Christian way of life, the life and teachings of Christ, the Bible stories, Salvation and methods of studying and interpreting the Bible.

Ministry studies look at cultural issues, public speaking, preaching, Bible studies, visiting, evangelism, practical ministry, community issues, youth and children’s ministries, leadership, counselling, church & denominational organisation, committees and church services.

Life skills studies cover areas such as family and health issues, life skills, relationships, literacy skills, typing and computing, music and communication issues.

Health promotion studies include nutrition, hygiene, first aid, food preparation and safety, physiology, public, presentations, lifestyle disease and health promotion.